My new woolen friend

hi there πŸ™‚

Here is a photo of me and my blue-coloured friend. He is also a bunny, made out of wool, knitted with love =) Mommy got him as a Christmas gift from her brother-in-law. It was very kind of him.

Once I almost got to chew his ear a bit. Mommy didn’t let me. I like chewing things, it’s very intriguing.

*sniff sniff*

I smell apples, guys. Must go and chew those now. They’re oh-so-delicious heart

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Merry Christmas, Everybunny!

*stretches, realizing mid-stretch that there is an audience*

Oh, hello there

Merry Christmas, guys! Hope everybunny had a great and yummy Christmas! πŸ™‚

So after the big family dinner yesterday, mom and dad had their own Christmas celebration. It was their first married Christmas together Aww, how cute =) We ALL wore Christmas hats (yes, even me. Greatest photo ever taken) and opened our presents. Sweet Carrots Gracious, do I ever LOVE presents?

I got a mini carrot to take photos with, for the cuteness effect (pictures to follow). On the more chewable side of things I got Timothy Hay from the pet store (new treat =), some cool chew toys to clean my teeth with and some more yummy food! (a whole 5lbs of it!) Oh, oh, and some fresh veggies, of course.

*sniffs around for something, finds corn-like chew toy and goes at it*

I really like Christmas. I think it should visit more often

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Birthday Wishes

*Sniff sniff*

It’s here!! Dad’s birthday is here!

[  H A P P Y 25 TH  B I R T H D A Y  D A D !  ]

I made this mini-poster for him. I sure hope that he likes it. Mommy got up early today, decorated the living room with balloons, streamers and birthday hats on the stuffed animals πŸ™‚ She baked Dad’s favourite cinnamon swirl pudding and put birthday candles in it. When Dad woke up and saw all the decorations, gifts and birthday pudding-cake he was very thankful =) He said that he felt really special and it was the best birthday for him (Mommy and I say “yet!” to that =))

When Daddy opened his birthday gifts, he was in awe. Mommy got him tickets to the planetarium AND dedicated a Star to him. He was happy beyond any words. If that was me, I’d say “Carrots and spinach gracious!” But that’s just me πŸ™‚


*Side Note: my cage home was also decorated! It had the birthday balloon stuck on the side and a birthday hat on the top. Oh, yesh, Mommy and I went all out for Daddy because we love him


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Joy & Carrots to the World!

“I’m dreaming of some green spinach…”

Mommy played Christmas music all day long. I think I know some of the lyrics by now =) She also wrapped Christmas presents. There was so much Christmas paper laying around, if ONLY my parents would let me out during that time, I’d chew it all! Ok, maybe not all, but I’d chew some on every paper to mark it. You know, to say that “Daisy was here” Maybe that’s why they didn’t let me out in the first place. They know my intentions.

*puts her paws on her face and starts the cleaning routine*

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Full Day of Excitement!

*Sniff Sniff*

What a great day!

I want to share my two, no, make that three, three highlights of my bunny day. Here it goes:

#1. Mommy cleaned my cage today, gave me fresh bedding and a new chew toy. Most importantly she gave me a fresh cardboard box with “Daisy’s House” written on it. I jumped in it right away. It felt so nice and cozy =)

#2. I got lots of fresh treats today –> grated carrots, apples and some cucumbers. I must say that I simply LOVE carrots They’re so yummy, crunchy and sweet!

#3. Mommy taught me how dance!  She put some funny music on, and helped me move my paws and my ears to the beat. It tickled πŸ˜€ It was so much fun! =) I’ll be sure to post a video of that really soon.

And those were the three highlights of my day! I hope you liked reading them as much as I liked sharing them with you

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