Another day, another chew, another drawing

Hello fellow fans of chewing! I have been drawing again 🙂 This time, the theme is my parents <3

A drawing of hearts with Mommy + Daddy in the middle :)

My mommy and daddy are very much in love. Sometimes when I take a break from exploring, eating or chewing, I look up and they dancing together. I love spending time with each of them, but when they are together – well, my drawing explains what that is like.

I heard them both say they think their love is magical. I wonder if it is magic like how I never run out of water or food? There is always more to drink and eat! Yum, yum 😀

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Meeting the Litter Box

Hi guys, here I found yet another flower from the bottom of mommy’s slippers –> This is my second finding. Mama, keep them coming! =)

*pulls some straws of hay with her mouth, starts chewing loudly on it*

My parents bought me some goodies from the pet store today! Oh, sweet carrots gracious! =) They bought a litter pan corner for my cage, as well as some litter. Apparently it’s better for smell-wise purposes and easier to clean up. I kinda like it so far 🙂 But you know something is not quite yours until you mark it, right? So, being the bunny that I am, I chewed on its corners. EVERYWHERE. You can definitely see my teeth marks on that thing. I feel good about it. My parents? Not so much, but they’re happy that I use it for all my appropriate bunny needs 🙂

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My second drawing

Hi guys!

I love to hop, play, and go on mini-adventures, but I also love to.. eat! So I decided to draw some of my favourite foods for my newest piece of art 🙂 Here it is:

A drawing of my favourite foods, carrots and apples.

Mmm, don’t they look yummy? They’re my absolute favourite! Carrots and apples, crunchy and delicious 😀

Carrots are tasty, and have green tops that I love to munch on =) I can do a magic trick with apples, put some pieces of them in front of me, and I can make them disappear 😀 Just like that –> Apple Magic!

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Hoppy Monday

Aaaaaand it’s Monday! Personally, it doesn’t matter to me much, as long as I get my fresh veggies, every day is a good day 🙂 In human world, it’s different: I noticed people like to proclaim what day of the week it is. They particularly don’t seem to be too happy about today’s day –> Monday and seem to always like a day called Friday. People are quite intriguing at times 🙂

*scratches left ear with her big paw*

Brr, it’s cold outside. Not that mommy lets me out or anything, I just get a whiff of fresh cold air occasionally when she opens the balcony window. I like that our home is nice and toasty. It’s cozy, like they say. Tee Hee, “Cozy” is a funny word. I like cozy

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Oh how I love to blog

*stretching her back legs*

Oh hi there,

I’m sure you all know how I love to chew, hop, sniff, and do many other wonderful things. Did you know that I also love to… blog? It is quite fun and I’ve made so many friends because of it! People are my friends on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and even watch my YouTube videos 🙂

Check out me blogging away:

So much fun! paw

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