Chew-mania :)

I’m a bunny that just loves to chew. To me, everything is chewable. At least it was, until I learned that some things like people’s fingers are not for chewing. Sometimes I chew because I am hungry, sometimes I chew because it is fun, and sometimes I chew to learn. Here is a video of me chewing for fun:

* munch munch *

Oh hi there! I thought you were still watching the video, so I decided to chew while I waited. Did you like the video? I sure liked chomping that box into little pieces 😀

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Claw Monster!

So my parents decided it was time for me to get my claws trimmed.

Holy Broccoli, peeps, THAT was something else. This big scary monster called Clippersaurus came out of nowhere and was after my paws. I fought it with all my bunny power! Yes I did. Anybunny would. I didn’t win that time though, my claws got trimmed anyways…

*makes a grunting sound*

Does anybunny have any suggestions on how to go through that experience easier and take that monster down?

Must. Be. Ready. Next. Time.

*proudly sits in the corner with ears up, just in case*

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Happy People

Happy Monday, guys and gals!

Today is very sunny and exciting day 😀 I get to meet auntie Michelle. Mommy says she’s the best, must be like carrots are the best among other veggies. Mom says that her personality, charisma and intelligence just light up the room when she walks in. Kinda like sunshine! I like sunshine =)

Well, after meeting auntie Michelle, all I can say is WOW 😀 She totally rocked my socks off! Ok, actually I don’t have socks, but that’s the phrase to say, right? =) She danced with me to some funny music, it was much fun. I can see why mommy thinks she’s so special. She really is.

Good night, peeps

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A drawing of… me!

Hello my fellow bunny friends =)

My mom is always saying how cute I am. Sometimes she calls me an adorable ball of fluff, and other times she says I am a lovely young lady. I know I have cute brown and white fur, and I love to eat carrot green tops , so I decided to draw what I think I look like.

A self-portrait drawing

Drawing is very fun and I am happy to share my art with all of you 🙂 Chewing is also fun but I don’t know how to share that 😀 Don’t forget about my gallery where I post all my drawings!

*hops around happily wiggling her tail*

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Racing for joy :)

Hi peeps,

When I’m not chewing or sniffing around, I am probably racing around the room. It is SO much fun to hop and zoom! Sometimes I go so fast, I think I am probably just a fuzzy blur. Somehow, one of my sprints was recorded on video, and here it is, in slow motion!

Doesn’t it look like fun? I just LOVE to hop and hop and hop. It is one of the best ways to explore the world. Do you like to hop and run when you are happy too? 😀 C3JUAXMGUPMC

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