Philosophying Time

So the other day mommy let me out to play and explore. I found something really intriguing. Here I was sniffing around, looking for something exciting and chewable when I came across an object I’ve never seen (or smelled) before!

It was a Philosophy textbook from mommy’s studies. I chewed the top corner off right away. I had to! Anybunny who comes across such powerful book of knowledge and enlightenment must, absolutely MUST, bite into it and leave their mark to be a part of something really great. And so I did and I’m proud of it! 🙂

P.S. Not to worry, mom taped the missing corner back into its place. Oopsie 😛

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Hopping on the couch

Soon after I was brought to my new home, months ago, I discovered something called a “Couch”. It is quite comfy and gives me a nice view of the room 🙂 At first my mom or dad had to pick me up and put me on it… but bunnies have to learn how to jump! We’re made for hopping around 😀

So I figured out how to jump up myself! Check it out:

Pretty good, right? I’m getting better at it every day. I can jump up from different sides too! Look for more videos in the near future 😀 Now to master jumping down from the couch…

*wiggles her tail in excitement*

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