Little People

Hello there! star

How is everybunny doing today? Have you guys ever wondered where you came from? I never thought about how and where I came from until my mom told me a story about her very close friend, named Jena. Mommy told me that before little people arrive on this beautiful planet, they spend some time in their mommy’s tummy. They grow in there until they are ready to come out and meet the world. Well, auntie Jena is carrying a little person in her tummy right now! This little bundle of joy will arrive in the beginning of July 🙂 How exciting is that? At first I thought it will be a bunny too, just like me, but mommy told me I was silly and cute, and that only human babies come from human people. Oh, well, I’m just as excited to meet auntie Jena’s little peep as I would be to meet a baby bunny. Come to think of it, even more excited 😀 You know why? Because if auntie Jena is so smart, pretty (like a flower–>I’ve seen photos) and funny then her baby can only be that and better! heartI have yet to meet auntie Jena. Unfortunately, she lives far away in a city called Toronto, but mommy told me lots of fun stories about their friendship and adventures. Mom really likes Jena and values her as one of her closest friends. And you know, guys, true friends are hard to find! 

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Trip to the Vet

Hey there!

I found another flower from the bottom of mommy’s slippers –> It’s mine now, and in my diary it goes. I have a collection of 3 so far 🙂 I love collecting them.

Recently I had to go to a Vet! Oh, boy, I was a little scared because I heard so many stories about those mysterious Veterinarian people. Turns out, they’re not so bad, quite the opposite. The Vet weighed me (3 lbs), took my temperature, and listened to the my heartbeat. It was all good. We even learned many useful things:

#1. Bananas are a big no-no for bunnies. They’re full of sugar and can upset bunnies’ tummies, which can be life threatening :O Oh, no! So good-bye yummy but dangerous yellow fruit, no more of you!

#2. Bunnies need to have lots and lots of hay available to them. It’s good for the digestion and can prevent many tummy diseases. I say “Yay for Hay!” 🙂

#3. Bunnies need at least 3 different vegetables daily. Variety is necessary to obtain all the needed vitamins and nutrients. (Fancy words). Ever since mommy found that out, she’s been giving me 5-6 different kinds of veggies daily. I couldn’t be happier 😀

*munches on some parsley and carrots*

The Vet also gave us a list of veggies and fruits that are safe for bunnies like me. I’ve decided to share it with you guys. I hope it helps other bunnies out there:

Safe veggies:

*Basil *Beet greens (tops) *Bok choy *Broccoli *Brussels sprouts *Carrot & Carrot tops *Celery *Cilantro *Clover *Collard greens *Dandelion *Endive *Escarole *Green Peppers *Mint *Parsley *Sweet Pea Pods *Peppermint leaves *Radish tops *Raspberry leaves *Romaine lettuce (only kind) *Watercress *Wheat grass.   There are also *Kale and *Spinach, but sparingly as it may be toxic in large qualities over time.

Safe fruits:

*Apple (no stem or seeds) *Blueberries *Melon *Papaya *Peach *Pear *Pineapple *Plums *Raspberries *Strawberries.

Dear bunny-lovers friends, please keep in mind that we, bunnies, have sweet tooth and even we they would prefer the sugary fruits, it’s not healthy in large qualities and may upset our little tummies. So only a little bit of fruits per day are needed for a healthy bunny 🙂

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Sleepy time… Zzzz

Hello fellow explorers,

After a day full of restless adventures and happy hops around the house, everybunny needs some sleep. In a bunny world, it’s a little different. We nap throughout the day to regain our energy, whereas human peeps tend to flop on their side and sleep at night for 7-8 hours straight. I could never sleep so much in a row- I could miss out on some snacks or great adventures out there. That’s why I do little “bunny naps” 🙂

Mommy noticed a few ways that I like to nap. One of them she calls “The Sleeping Chicken Pose”. She says I look like a mother hen sitting on the eggs, all poofed up in a ball. Another one is called “The Kitty-Cat Pose”. It’s when my head and ears are down and my bunny butt is up. She says I look like a cat before jumping (meow). Mom’s favourite sleeping pose of mine is “Flopped on a Side”. She says I look like a cute hot dog bunny. Apparently, that’s the best one of all 🙂

*yawns and flops on her side, stretching her bunny legs*

Night Night, Sleep tight, peeps

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My New Friends!

Hi there!

I am the luckiest bunny there is. You know why, guys? Because I have so many friends!

Mommy and Daddy signed me up for a Facebook account, as well as a Fan Page. At first I asked a few people to be my friend and they accepted. Now people are adding me! How cool is that? 😀

*happily hops around the cage*

And what’s even cooler is that some of them really want to get to know me. They talk to me, comment on my photos, and keep up with my blog =) Some of my closest friends are Janice (from Maryland, U.S.A.), Savannah (from Alberta, Canada), Jessica (from Florida, U.S.A.), Sahar (from Iran), bunny Zeus (from United Kingdom) and bunny Ristomatti (from Finland). They are so nice and sweet, and I feel so loved. Of course I can’t mention everyone at once, there are many more of the sweet and caring peeps out there, but that’s for another blog entry!

I’m so thankful for my international friends 🙂

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