It’s the most wonderful time of the year! =) (for bunnies at least)

It’s my very First Easter, peeps, and I am beyond excited! I already know how great it is, my parents told me all about it. They decorated the house with toys of bunnies, chicks and sheep. Of course, I get to be the Easter Bunny, no question about it. It was so fun 🙂 Mommy took so many photos of me in Easter-themed settings that I got a little tired at the end. My parents and I even played the game called “Real vs. Not Real Bunny Rabbit”. They tried to see if I would recognize fake bunny ears from real ones. They put bunny ears on the Pooh Bear and other bear–I sniffed and my bunny expertise proved to be correct every time! =) The bears had fake bunny ears attached, but some of the bunny toys had their own real ears. Mom and dad even put fuzzy bunny ears on me, I didn’t look too impressed.. They’re silly! 😀

Mom also coloured the eggs and put fun Easter sleeves on them. They looked good, I wanted to bite some, but mom didn’t let me. Photos were taken though 🙂

*Flops on her side after a big yawn*

Sleepy time now, guys. It’s a very tiring job to be the Easter Bunny, hiding all those eggs all over the house. I hope my parents find them, or else they’ll spoil.

*Falls asleep, dreaming of carrot-looking Easter eggs*