Our Cat Friends

Hi there,

I think that we all know that we, bunnies, are very cuddly and loving creatures, who will give unconditional love to their owners. Did you know that cats are also very loving and snugly? In fact, there are more people who have cats as pets than there are those who have bunnies. Why is that?

*thumps her paw and grunts slightly*

It’s ok, I was just playing. Bunnies are not jealous–we love other pets. I even tried to analyze the similarities and differences between bunnies and cats. Here are a couple of each:

Similarities: *Both cats and bunnies have cute whiskers *We both clean ourselves by licking our fur

Differences: *Cats meow and bunnies don’t usually make any noises (though mommy tells me that sometimes I make “grunting noises like a piggy” I guess that makes me similar with our pigger friends 🙂 ) *Cats like to eat something called “Tuna” and other cute-named things, while bunnies like to eat veggies *Cats like to drink milk and bunnies like water.

*hops over to the water bottle and drinks from it for a while*

Whoa, that’s a lot of water, I didn’t know I was that thirsty 😀 Bunnies love cats. Sometimes we even try to be like them too. For example I try to jump on and off the couch ever so quietly & gracefully– mom jokes that  I must be 1/2 kitten.  Here are some more examples of bunnies imitating cats. Enjoy!

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Friends Rock My World

Hello beautiful people!

Did you know that I am the luckiest bunny in the entire world? Well, I am! It’s all because of my fabulous friends. I met some of them in real life and most of them through Facebook. I can’t even begin to describe all the love and support I get from these wonderful people. Anything from get-well wishes when I wasn’t feeling well or had to go to a vet, to commenting on my silly status updates and photos 🙂 You don’t have to spend a lot of time with somebunny face-to-face to know that they are your friend. If people really care about you and your life, they will make time for you even if it’s just to say “HI” 🙂 Love and affection will always find a way into your heart and next thing you know, you’ve got great friends by your side!

Here are my favourite friends, just to name a few:

♥ Bash N Slick ♥ Barb Sunderland Douyard ♥ Victoria Jones ♥ Donna Disilvesto-Young ♥ Reggie Pani ♥ Graham Bunnies ♥ Amouun Marafie ♥ Ristomatti Kani ♥ John Book ♥  Shelley AndJim Poston ♥ Essense Johns ♥ Suzanne Pani ♥ La Poupette ♥ Darcie Chinchilla ♥ Paige Willow ♥ CareFresh Complete ♥ Fiona Welton ♥ Velvet Snuggles Darehill ♥ Chantal Banks ♥ and Janice White, of course ♥

Obviously I have more good friends that I want to mention, but I can’t fit them all in here, so I’ll mention them in another entry. I promise! =) And here are some of my favourite quotes about friendship. Not everybunny has so many buntastic friends like me, I’m so lucky and thankful that I do! 🙂

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

“Every person is a new door to a different world.”

and my personal one- “Friends are the Carrots in the Salad Bowl of Life.” ♥

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Top 10 Things to Chew

Hi guys!

Holy sweet peas, have I missed you! I really enjoy writing here in my Diary Blog and sharing my daily adventures with friends. Thank you for being here and for reading my entries!

I have thought of the Top 10 Things that I love to chew. Mommy says that it would be better if I chewed on more edible things like veggies and occasional fruits, as well as some hay. And I do, I chew those yummy goods very often. I just like chewing on other things that are a little more fun 🙂 Here is my Top 10:

  1. Blanket (I can play with that for hours–simply digging it and chewing it!)
  2. Cage bars (what bunny doesn’t?)
  3. Shoes (I have a thing for shoes and shoe smells. There will be a separate post coming up about them)
  4. Kitchen table (coffee table too. Hey, the rule is–what’s wooden is bunny’s)
  5. Letters, books, homework and other important documents (enough said)
  6. Yoga mat (the corner now says: “Daisy was here” 😛 )
  7. Litter box (you will not find a single spot on its edges that hasn’t been “marked” by me)
  8. Food dish (same as litter box. Also I love to pick it up and throw it in the air)
  9. Stuffed toy animals (not always but gotta show those peeps who’s the boss once in a while)
  10. Jeans (there is something about that material that says: “I’m tough, bite me” so I take the challenge)

Don’t worry, my friends, these are all bunny-safe chewing materials, though my parents are the ones who suffer from my chew marks on their stuff =P Whoopsie Daisy, I say. A bunny is a bunny, right? What do you guys like to chew? 🙂

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Fluffy stuff in the sky


Have you ever looked up, and wondered what all that fluffy stuff in the sky is? Sometimes it’s white and poofy, other times gray and squishy, and I’ve even seen golden and pink puffs. Could you imagine hopping around on those? They must be so soft! I wonder how I could get way up there to play on them?

* hops around with excitement *

Ok, peeps, I just asked my mom what they are. Apparently, they are called: “clouds”. When there are lots of these “clouds” in the sky, that means it is “cloudy”. Sounds kind of funny to me =)  She also said that rain comes from them! That’s so cool! I wonder if there are bunnies hopping on top of them, making rain come out as they bounce around? That would be fun 😀 What do you guys think?

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Jumping Jelly Bean

Hey guys 🙂 ,

As some of you may already know–I love to hop!

Sometimes I hop in binkies (that’s when I’m happy), sometimes I zoom around the house (that’s when I have lots of energy) and sometimes I like to hop in loops around my parents’ feet (that means I love them). They call me Jumping Jelly Bean. Weee 😀

*starts zooming around the house with occasional binkies*

Have you seen my video on YouTube of me hopping on the couch, then pushing pillows around and posing for the camera? Pushing pillows around with your nose is great fun, you should try it! 😀 I’ll demonstrate for you below. Enjoy!

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