Mr. Pig

Hi guys star

How are you all doing? =) I’ve missed you guys.

Have I told you about my friend Mr. Pig? He is a stuffed piggy toy with a tummy made from a special material– to wipe TV & computer screens.  Mom says he’s too special to be used as a “wiping cloth” and so she gave him to me to be my friend. Sometimes he sits on top of my cage home, like a watch dog… er, I mean watch piggy 🙂 Lately he found a comfy spot in one of mom’s wall pockets for her art & stationery supplies. He’s funny that way. I also let him wear my “I ♥ carrots” t-shirt when I’m not wearing it. It looks good on him. Check it out for yourselves, guys!

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My first dancing video!

Hello there, beautiful people!

How are you all doing today? I hope everyone is well and happy, and maybe even hoppy. Speaking of hoppy, I have my very first dancing video. Here my auntie Michelle is helping me to get my groove on. See for yourselves:

Tee hee, that was fun! And no worries, no bunny was hurt in this crazy dancing routine 🙂

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