Just hopping by to say a quick hello!
I hope that everyone is having a BUNderful day! 🙂


Love always,

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Prom 2012

Happy Friday!

How are you all doing? Anything exciting happening?
As many of you know I have a lot friends online. Most of my friends are on Facebook, but some of them are on Twitter 🙂 Recently we had a Prom on Twitter and it was a lot of fun! My date was my boyfriend Boris
We’ve never actually met in real life (he’s all the way in Wisconsin, U.S.A. and I’m in Vancouver, Canada) but we’ve met on Facebook and have been together for over a year now. He’s very kind and loving. I’m so very hoppy. Anyways, here’s a photo of us from that day 🙂

Everyone says we’re so cute together. I think so. *blushes*
Here is a photo of our Graduating Class of 2012. I think we were going something to celebrate our graduation 🙂 Lots of these lovely bunnies are my friends on Twitter.

Here’s another photo of the group 🙂

I’m so very lucky to have great friends all over the world, be it Facebook, Twitter, and of course, my blog here 🙂 Thank you all so much for being such an important part of my life. I love you all so much! And big THANK YOU to my friend Scotty (@ScottyTheBunny) & his mommy for making all these photos! 

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weekend happiness

Happy Friday, my wonderful friends 🙂

It’s the weekend, and I’m always so excited about that. I get to spend more time with my dad (he works Monday – Friday) and that’s always a good thing. I love my dad very much, even though sometimes I grunt at him when he stops petting me. Hehee. It’s my way of telling him that I need more noggin pets and ear rubs. Yesh.

Sometimes I even act like his personal trainer. When he’s doing push-ups I like to go underneath (and get squished a bit). That way he can’t give up and collapse because I’m underneath him. You’re welcome, dad 😀

And do I ever beg for food! Dad isn’t as nice as mom is though. She caves in to my cuteness and gives me her yummy treats (as long as they are bunny-friendly). Dad is more firm, saying that I get enough and, wait for it, I don’t need that many! How dare he! *thumps*  But I know he cares about my health and longevity, so I forgive him 🙂

So yes, having my dad home with me is why I’m excited for the weekends. Father’s Day is coming up next weekend, so it will be even more special. I’ll be sure to do something nice for him. Maybe I won’t pull his leg hair out for that day, or grunt at him. We’ll see!

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Hello, friends!

Hello, my dear friends.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for being patient with my secretary, a.k.a. mom, for the lack of posts here (big time!) and for still visiting my blog. My little heart is forever grateful for your dedication and love. As for my human, she will try and figure out how to keep up with my blog better 🙂

I asked on my Facebook page what you guys would like to see more of on my blog and the replies were “Photos, photos, photos”.  So I’ll be sure to include lots of photos in my future posts for you all.

For now, here is a month in a life of a bunny, a.k.a. ME 😀 I hope you like my month of May as much I did. There was lots of napping, playing with my toys, cuddling with mommy, and yummy foods. Oh, and don’t miss my best ‘yawn & stretch’ photo (yet) on the 23rd.

Thank you all, again, for stopping by!

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