♥ Bunny Diary on Etsy!

Hello, dear friends!
I have some exciting news for you. Something has been in the works for quite awhile now and it’s finally happening! My hoomans and I are opening our very own ‘Bunny Diary’ shop on Etsy. ‘Bunny Diary‘ is a shop for all-things-bunny, filled with stationery, art, pretty notebooks, cards, felt toys and accessories, and much more. All items are handcrafted with love♥ and attention to detail and inspired by yours truly. *smiles and stands proud* I sure make a cute model bunny 🙂 My mom is currently participating in the local Holiday Craft Fair this weekend, so all the items are being used for that. We will list them in our shop very shortly so please stay tuned. You can follow me on my Facebook page or my Twitter for more details.


This is Day 1 of the Holiday Craft Fair. Lots of notebooks and cards sold, as well as some art and a mug. Those customers have great taste!

Here I was checking out the merchandise the day before the show. I have to make sure it’s all bun approved 🙂



Well, that was a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in my shop. Stay tuned for the Grand Opening of ‘Bunny Diary’ on Etsy! house

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BatBunny is here.

Hi, there!
How are you all doing? How was everybunny’s Halloween?
My parents and I dressed up for our 2nd annual family Halloween costume party. We pick a theme and match our costumes. This year we were inspired by the amazing motion picture “Dark Knight Rises” and this is what we’ve got:
Warning: Hold on to your trousers because this fierce cuteness might just blow you away 🙂



And the family photo:

What do you think? Would we make a good cast for “Dark Knight Rises”? 🙂

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