February Fun

Hello, friends 🙂
How are you all doing? I’m doing good, just taking the time to reflect how my February has been. Here’s what I remember.
On February 4th I played with a Photobooth app on mom’s iPhone. Don’t I look great as a little chef? On the 13th mom said “Daisy, look at the mess you did! And I just looked at her and replied “What mess? I don’t see anything'” 🙂 On February 17th I said “The Weekend is here, put on your Party gear”, and on the 27th I tried to learn German by biting into the knowledge, or rather the dictionary. Not sure if I retained any language but the book tasted great!

February is the shortest month of the year and it sure went by super fast. Whoosh.. there it goes.
How was your February?

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Hoppy Valentine’s Day!


Hoppy LOVE Day to all you lovebunnies out there ♥♥♥
If you’re coupled up, I hope you spend this romantic day with your significant other and let them know how much they mean to you.
And if you’re single (to mingle) don’t fret, you’ll find your better half one day, probably when you least expect it. And most importantly, always remember that I, Daisy Bunny, love you. So pucker up for some bunny kisses 🙂


My plans for the day? I’m going to wish my boyfriend Boris a Hoppy Valentine’s Day and tell him that I love him lots, more than basil + carrots combined ♥ It’s a long distance relationship (he lives in U.S.A. and I live in Canada) but our love is stronger than any distance 🙂 I have a photo of him hanging in my room, so I can always see his handsome face ♥


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! You are loved ♥

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just like that

Hi there,

Can you believe that the first month of 2013 is already gone? Whoosh, just like that! Here’s a look at how my January went.

Pretty eventful I gotta say. Lots of photos of my cotton tail booty in this month. Those pesky paparazzi were everywhere, I tell ya. I feel for the celebrities sometimes.
If you want even MORE photos of my life in January, you can check out my mom’s Project Life here, where she documents our daily lives throughout the year. In my opinion it should  be called “Project Daisy Life” and be ALL about me 🙂 Though maybe that’s what this blog, my Twitter and my FB page are all about. Hehee.
Well, Hoppy February, folks. Let’s make it a memorable one!


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