*waves paw slightly*

Woah peeps, it’s hot out. Summer is really here! I’m just flopping around all day, because it is sooo hot.

My mommy gave me a cold wet towel for me to lay on to cool down, but I couldn’t help playing with it by throwing it around my house. She wants me to lay on top of it, but I think that is pretty silly 🙂

Oh yes! I just remembered, a free version of my app, Dress The Bunny has been sent to these Apple peeps for something called ‘approval’. I think that means that soon it will be on this ‘App Store’ thing… and it is going to be free! I’m not sure what all that stuff means, I’ve never chewed an ‘app’ before, only an APPle, if it’s anything like apples, then it’s gooooood =)