*Sniff sniff*

It’s here!! Dad’s birthday is here!

[  H A P P Y 25 TH  B I R T H D A Y  D A D !  ]

I made this mini-poster for him. I sure hope that he likes it. Mommy got up early today, decorated the living room with balloons, streamers and birthday hats on the stuffed animals 🙂 She baked Dad’s favourite cinnamon swirl pudding and put birthday candles in it. When Dad woke up and saw all the decorations, gifts and birthday pudding-cake he was very thankful =) He said that he felt really special and it was the best birthday for him (Mommy and I say “yet!” to that =))

When Daddy opened his birthday gifts, he was in awe. Mommy got him tickets to the planetarium AND dedicated a Star to him. He was happy beyond any words. If that was me, I’d say “Carrots and spinach gracious!” But that’s just me 🙂


*Side Note: my cage home was also decorated! It had the birthday balloon stuck on the side and a birthday hat on the top. Oh, yesh, Mommy and I went all out for Daddy because we love him