Hey EveryBunny! I have some great news! 🙂

My very own App is now in the iTunes App Store! It’s called: Dress The Bunny, and it features me, Daisy 🙂 You can add accessories and other fun stuff to the cutest photos of me!

Dress The Bunny iTunes Image

There are updates planned for my cute little app so stay tuned for even more photos of me, and more accessories and fun stuff! Whoa, I know, that’s a lot of cuteness 🙂

*hops happily around her cage*

Also, you can submit your creations to me, and I will feature the best creation of the week in my blog! All creations will be added to a “Dress The Bunny Fan Creations” page, which will also be on my blog! How exciting!

So if you do have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, and happen to get my lovely app, would you please leave a review for it? That would be great 😀

I will be giving away some promotion codes for the app, so keep checking for updates =)