*Sniff Sniff*

What a great day!

I want to share my two, no, make that three, three highlights of my bunny day. Here it goes:

#1. Mommy cleaned my cage today, gave me fresh bedding and a new chew toy. Most importantly she gave me a fresh cardboard box with “Daisy’s House” written on it. I jumped in it right away. It felt so nice and cozy =)

#2. I got lots of fresh treats today –> grated carrots, apples and some cucumbers. I must say that I simply LOVE carrots They’re so yummy, crunchy and sweet!

#3. Mommy taught me how dance!  She put some funny music on, and helped me move my paws and my ears to the beat. It tickled 😀 It was so much fun! =) I’ll be sure to post a video of that really soon.

And those were the three highlights of my day! I hope you liked reading them as much as I liked sharing them with you