Hello there! star

How is everybunny doing today? Have you guys ever wondered where you came from? I never thought about how and where I came from until my mom told me a story about her very close friend, named Jena. Mommy told me that before little people arrive on this beautiful planet, they spend some time in their mommy’s tummy. They grow in there until they are ready to come out and meet the world. Well, auntie Jena is carrying a little person in her tummy right now! This little bundle of joy will arrive in the beginning of July 🙂 How exciting is that? At first I thought it will be a bunny too, just like me, but mommy told me I was silly and cute, and that only human babies come from human people. Oh, well, I’m just as excited to meet auntie Jena’s little peep as I would be to meet a baby bunny. Come to think of it, even more excited 😀 You know why? Because if auntie Jena is so smart, pretty (like a flower–>I’ve seen photos) and funny then her baby can only be that and better! heartI have yet to meet auntie Jena. Unfortunately, she lives far away in a city called Toronto, but mommy told me lots of fun stories about their friendship and adventures. Mom really likes Jena and values her as one of her closest friends. And you know, guys, true friends are hard to find!