Hi guys, here I found yet another flower from the bottom of mommy’s slippers –> This is my second finding. Mama, keep them coming! =)

*pulls some straws of hay with her mouth, starts chewing loudly on it*

My parents bought me some goodies from the pet store today! Oh, sweet carrots gracious! =) They bought a litter pan corner for my cage, as well as some litter. Apparently it’s better for smell-wise purposes and easier to clean up. I kinda like it so far 🙂 But you know something is not quite yours until you mark it, right? So, being the bunny that I am, I chewed on its corners. EVERYWHERE. You can definitely see my teeth marks on that thing. I feel good about it. My parents? Not so much, but they’re happy that I use it for all my appropriate bunny needs 🙂