*stretches, realizing mid-stretch that there is an audience*

Oh, hello there

Merry Christmas, guys! Hope everybunny had a great and yummy Christmas! 🙂

So after the big family dinner yesterday, mom and dad had their own Christmas celebration. It was their first married Christmas together Aww, how cute =) We ALL wore Christmas hats (yes, even me. Greatest photo ever taken) and opened our presents. Sweet Carrots Gracious, do I ever LOVE presents?

I got a mini carrot to take photos with, for the cuteness effect (pictures to follow). On the more chewable side of things I got Timothy Hay from the pet store (new treat =), some cool chew toys to clean my teeth with and some more yummy food! (a whole 5lbs of it!) Oh, oh, and some fresh veggies, of course.

*sniffs around for something, finds corn-like chew toy and goes at it*

I really like Christmas. I think it should visit more often