My mom bought these little “cans of veggies to grow” about a month ago. They already came with soil and seeds inside and all we had to do was water them and give plenty of sunshine. Easy enough for any gardener-wannabe. carrotsFast forward to today and this is my mini garden, growing and getting bigger day by day.
*big grin*
Psst, I tried nomming some cucumber leaves but mom didn’t let me. Not fair. It’s called ‘taste control’, hoomans 😛

Also, I wanted to say huge THANK YOU to everyone who took advantage of the 50% OFF sale in my Etsy shop to help move old stock. Out of 20 items there are only 5 left! So thank you, thank you, thank YOU. New items are being worked on (clay figurines, Tshirts, totes, notebooks..) and should be listed within a week or two. Thank you so much for your patience. I know a few of you keep checking my shop daily and are eager for the new arrivals. Stay tuned, my friends.