Hi there!

I am the luckiest bunny there is. You know why, guys? Because I have so many friends!

Mommy and Daddy signed me up for a Facebook account, as well as a Fan Page. At first I asked a few people to be my friend and they accepted. Now people are adding me! How cool is that? 😀

*happily hops around the cage*

And what’s even cooler is that some of them really want to get to know me. They talk to me, comment on my photos, and keep up with my blog =) Some of my closest friends are Janice (from Maryland, U.S.A.), Savannah (from Alberta, Canada), Jessica (from Florida, U.S.A.), Sahar (from Iran), bunny Zeus (from United Kingdom) and bunny Ristomatti (from Finland). They are so nice and sweet, and I feel so loved. Of course I can’t mention everyone at once, there are many more of the sweet and caring peeps out there, but that’s for another blog entry!

I’m so thankful for my international friends 🙂