Hi there,

I think that we all know that we, bunnies, are very cuddly and loving creatures, who will give unconditional love to their owners. Did you know that cats are also very loving and snugly? In fact, there are more people who have cats as pets than there are those who have bunnies. Why is that?

*thumps her paw and grunts slightly*

It’s ok, I was just playing. Bunnies are not jealous–we love other pets. I even tried to analyze the similarities and differences between bunnies and cats. Here are a couple of each:

Similarities: *Both cats and bunnies have cute whiskers *We both clean ourselves by licking our fur

Differences: *Cats meow and bunnies don’t usually make any noises (though mommy tells me that sometimes I make “grunting noises like a piggy” I guess that makes me similar with our pigger friends 🙂 ) *Cats like to eat something called “Tuna” and other cute-named things, while bunnies like to eat veggies *Cats like to drink milk and bunnies like water.

*hops over to the water bottle and drinks from it for a while*

Whoa, that’s a lot of water, I didn’t know I was that thirsty 😀 Bunnies love cats. Sometimes we even try to be like them too. For example I try to jump on and off the couch ever so quietly & gracefully– mom jokes that  I must be 1/2 kitten.  Here are some more examples of bunnies imitating cats. Enjoy!