Hello fellow explorers,

After a day full of restless adventures and happy hops around the house, everybunny needs some sleep. In a bunny world, it’s a little different. We nap throughout the day to regain our energy, whereas human peeps tend to flop on their side and sleep at night for 7-8 hours straight. I could never sleep so much in a row- I could miss out on some snacks or great adventures out there. That’s why I do little “bunny naps” 🙂

Mommy noticed a few ways that I like to nap. One of them she calls “The Sleeping Chicken Pose”. She says I look like a mother hen sitting on the eggs, all poofed up in a ball. Another one is called “The Kitty-Cat Pose”. It’s when my head and ears are down and my bunny butt is up. She says I look like a cat before jumping (meow). Mom’s favourite sleeping pose of mine is “Flopped on a Side”. She says I look like a cute hot dog bunny. Apparently, that’s the best one of all 🙂

*yawns and flops on her side, stretching her bunny legs*

Night Night, Sleep tight, peeps