Racing for joy :)

Hi peeps,

When I’m not chewing or sniffing around, I am probably racing around the room. It is SO much fun to hop and zoom! Sometimes I go so fast, I think I am probably just a fuzzy blur. Somehow, one of my sprints was recorded on video, and here it is, in slow motion!

Doesn’t it look like fun? I just LOVE to hop and hop and hop. It is one of the best ways to explore the world. Do you like to hop and run when you are happy too? 😀 C3JUAXMGUPMC

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Hopping on the couch

Soon after I was brought to my new home, months ago, I discovered something called a “Couch”. It is quite comfy and gives me a nice view of the room 🙂 At first my mom or dad had to pick me up and put me on it… but bunnies have to learn how to jump! We’re made for hopping around 😀

So I figured out how to jump up myself! Check it out:

Pretty good, right? I’m getting better at it every day. I can jump up from different sides too! Look for more videos in the near future 😀 Now to master jumping down from the couch…

*wiggles her tail in excitement*

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Flowers and bananas :)

Good afternoon, peeps 🙂

<— This is a flower from the bottom of mommy’s slipper. I found it on the floor and decided to put it in my Diary. I’m going to try and collect as many of them as I can. I’ll keep you up-to-date on my collection!

Mommy says that I can be a very active bunny. I guess she’s right. Sometimes I like to run around my cage to get rid of the excess energy 😀 Then I get tired and flop on my side to rest so I can run around some more.

*starts hopping from corner to corner*

By the way, it’s been about two weeks since I joined this family. I feel like I am part of it now. It’s so nice to be a part of something so special and so unique. It makes my bunny paw thump from happiness =)

*thumps her right foot vigorously*

I’m a very happy bunny =)

Oh, oh, I made a new discovery today. I really like bananas. They have a funny name, don’t they? ba-na-nas =) tee hee 😛

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