birthday bash

hi, there!
As many of you know I celebrated my 3rd birthday last month on September 12th 🙂 It was a lot of fun. Mom decorated the couch with banners, pin wheels, celebratory Pooh Bear and his friends, as well as my tutu. I got a huge bowl of my favourite greens for breakfast, napped, groomed to be super pretty, then got all excited for the Big Day. Here is how my birthday went, in a nutshell.

This year I decided to do something different when it came to presents. I wanted to help other, less fortunate bunnies waiting in shelters for their forever homes, so I urged my friends on Facebook and Twitter to opt out of sending me gifts and to purchase one or both of my apps instead. By doing so, they helped me make a (maybe small to some but still much needed) donation as a portion of the apps sales went to the local Rabbit Rescue. You can read about all about the rescue here ♥ Today my mom is going to drop off a cheque and visit some of the bunnies. Maybe she’ll bring back a sibling or two (or five) for me 😛
Some of my friends still decided to send me some birthday gifts. There were cards, treats, toys and bunny-related goodies. Thank you, mrs. Karen from U.K., Trish and Angel Bun from U.S.A., auntie Janet from Germany, my boyfriend Boris from U.S.A., my friends Stewie from U.S.A. and Lily & Jack from U.K., auntie Frossula from U.S.A., mrs. Staci from Germany, Graham bunnies from U.S.A., oh, and my hoomans. All this wouldn’t happen without you guys. Endless Gratitude to you all, and hundreds more on the social networks who made my birthday special ♥♥♥

If you still would like to help the homeless bunnies you can purchase my apps  “Bun Thoughts” app and/or “Dress The Bunny” app and my hoomans and I will donate a portion of the sales next time they visit a shelter. Thank you kindly for considering it ♥



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Mommy’s Birthday =)

Today was a very special day. It was my mom’s 24th birthday =) I love my mama bunny, she’s the best! She takes such a good care of me, plays with me, pets me and feeds me the best bunny foods possible. I feel so loved, and I sure hope she does too!

In the morning dad decorated the place with balloons and streamers and when mommy saw it she liked it very much 🙂 When she opened her gifts from dad, she was so happy. One of the gifts was a brand new digital camera! She immediately put it to use (guess who was the subject of her photography testing =) and loved it very much. Good work, dad! Good thing you consulted me on that, though you always seem to get mommy the gifts she loves anyway.

*scratches her left ear with a paw*

Where was I? Oh, yesh, then daddy took her out for brunch at this Milestones restaurant overlooking the beach. They had a great time. And in the evening some of mom’s closest friends came over for a cake and chocolate fondue 🙂 Very Important Note: Birthday cake was a very smart choice that mommy and daddy made because it was a Carrot Cake The ladies giggled and laughed all night long and didn’t notice how time flew by ever so quickly. At the end of the night, all of the guests wanted to play with me, I felt like I was the star of the evening for a bit. I don’t think mommy minded.

I’m glad everyone had a good time, especially mommy. I love her so much–> I would give her all of my carrots & parsley stash

***H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y,  M O M M Y!***

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Birthday Wishes

*Sniff sniff*

It’s here!! Dad’s birthday is here!

[  H A P P Y 25 TH  B I R T H D A Y  D A D !  ]

I made this mini-poster for him. I sure hope that he likes it. Mommy got up early today, decorated the living room with balloons, streamers and birthday hats on the stuffed animals 🙂 She baked Dad’s favourite cinnamon swirl pudding and put birthday candles in it. When Dad woke up and saw all the decorations, gifts and birthday pudding-cake he was very thankful =) He said that he felt really special and it was the best birthday for him (Mommy and I say “yet!” to that =))

When Daddy opened his birthday gifts, he was in awe. Mommy got him tickets to the planetarium AND dedicated a Star to him. He was happy beyond any words. If that was me, I’d say “Carrots and spinach gracious!” But that’s just me 🙂


*Side Note: my cage home was also decorated! It had the birthday balloon stuck on the side and a birthday hat on the top. Oh, yesh, Mommy and I went all out for Daddy because we love him


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