Dinner Time!

Hi there!

Who loves to eat? I do! I’m sure lots of you love to eat too. Does anyone out there like to eat with others? Even though I’m munching on something yummy throughout the day, when I notice my mom or dad having a meal, I join right in!

Well, I’m not eating human food, but I start eating my carrots, greens or other scrumptious stuff. So it’s a family meal that way, all of us munching and munching. Here are some of the examples of my foods 🙂

*nom nom nommm*

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Mr. Pig

Hi guys star

How are you all doing? =) I’ve missed you guys.

Have I told you about my friend Mr. Pig? He is a stuffed piggy toy with a tummy made from a special material– to wipe TV & computer screens.  Mom says he’s too special to be used as a “wiping cloth” and so she gave him to me to be my friend. Sometimes he sits on top of my cage home, like a watch dog… er, I mean watch piggy 🙂 Lately he found a comfy spot in one of mom’s wall pockets for her art & stationery supplies. He’s funny that way. I also let him wear my “I ♥ carrots” t-shirt when I’m not wearing it. It looks good on him. Check it out for yourselves, guys!

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Friends Rock My World

Hello beautiful people!

Did you know that I am the luckiest bunny in the entire world? Well, I am! It’s all because of my fabulous friends. I met some of them in real life and most of them through Facebook. I can’t even begin to describe all the love and support I get from these wonderful people. Anything from get-well wishes when I wasn’t feeling well or had to go to a vet, to commenting on my silly status updates and photos 🙂 You don’t have to spend a lot of time with somebunny face-to-face to know that they are your friend. If people really care about you and your life, they will make time for you even if it’s just to say “HI” 🙂 Love and affection will always find a way into your heart and next thing you know, you’ve got great friends by your side!

Here are my favourite friends, just to name a few:

♥ Bash N Slick Barb Sunderland Douyard ♥ Victoria Jones Donna Disilvesto-Young ♥ Reggie Pani ♥ Graham Bunnies ♥ Amouun Marafie ♥ Ristomatti Kani ♥ John Book ♥  Shelley AndJim Poston ♥ Essense Johns ♥ Suzanne Pani ♥ La Poupette ♥ Darcie Chinchilla ♥ Paige Willow ♥ CareFresh Complete ♥ Fiona Welton ♥ Velvet Snuggles Darehill Chantal Banks ♥ and Janice White, of course ♥

Obviously I have more good friends that I want to mention, but I can’t fit them all in here, so I’ll mention them in another entry. I promise! =) And here are some of my favourite quotes about friendship. Not everybunny has so many buntastic friends like me, I’m so lucky and thankful that I do! 🙂

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

“Every person is a new door to a different world.”

and my personal one- “Friends are the Carrots in the Salad Bowl of Life.”

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Daisy is BACK!

Hello there, lovely people star

Oh, how I missed you all, my friends.

I am happy to let you know that now I am back and will be blogging very often 🙂 Many of you were wondering why there wasn’t any new posts from me and whether I will return. Not to worry, peeps,  Daisy is back! My parents were focusing on mom’s website for a little while so my blog took some time off. Now that mom’s Scrapbooking Business website has been launched I can be back doing what I do best (aside from chewing and napping)–blogging in my Bunny Diary =)

In a meanwhile, I grew a little bit, though I’m still a small bunny because of my breed–Netherland Dwarf. I can run faster and hop higher now too. I’ll upload some videos of that soon 🙂 I’ve also gained so many more friends on Facebook–close to 1,500 now. Can you guys believe it? That’s sweeter than carrots and apples put together! Speaking of carrots, I still love them the most, followed by parsley, cilantro, apples and occasional spinach and basil. Mmm.. thoughts of such yummy goodness made me hungry.

*Hops over to the dish with food, starts chewing on veggies ever so cutely & loud*

I think this is all for now. I’m looking forward to writing about different things. Some of my fans and friends suggested topics like “Cats”, “What I like to read and watch”, “What things I destroy around the house”, “Whether I like classical music or not” and many more.  I really appreciate the suggestions, guys!

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Happy Easter!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! =) (for bunnies at least)

It’s my very First Easter, peeps, and I am beyond excited! I already know how great it is, my parents told me all about it. They decorated the house with toys of bunnies, chicks and sheep. Of course, I get to be the Easter Bunny, no question about it. It was so fun 🙂 Mommy took so many photos of me in Easter-themed settings that I got a little tired at the end. My parents and I even played the game called “Real vs. Not Real Bunny Rabbit”. They tried to see if I would recognize fake bunny ears from real ones. They put bunny ears on the Pooh Bear and other bear–I sniffed and my bunny expertise proved to be correct every time! =) The bears had fake bunny ears attached, but some of the bunny toys had their own real ears. Mom and dad even put fuzzy bunny ears on me, I didn’t look too impressed.. They’re silly! 😀

Mom also coloured the eggs and put fun Easter sleeves on them. They looked good, I wanted to bite some, but mom didn’t let me. Photos were taken though 🙂

*Flops on her side after a big yawn*

Sleepy time now, guys. It’s a very tiring job to be the Easter Bunny, hiding all those eggs all over the house. I hope my parents find them, or else they’ll spoil.

*Falls asleep, dreaming of carrot-looking Easter eggs*

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