Top 10 Things to Chew

Hi guys!

Holy sweet peas, have I missed you! I really enjoy writing here in my Diary Blog and sharing my daily adventures with friends. Thank you for being here and for reading my entries!

I have thought of the Top 10 Things that I love to chew. Mommy says that it would be better if I chewed on more edible things like veggies and occasional fruits, as well as some hay. And I do, I chew those yummy goods very often. I just like chewing on other things that are a little more fun 🙂 Here is my Top 10:

  1. Blanket (I can play with that for hours–simply digging it and chewing it!)
  2. Cage bars (what bunny doesn’t?)
  3. Shoes (I have a thing for shoes and shoe smells. There will be a separate post coming up about them)
  4. Kitchen table (coffee table too. Hey, the rule is–what’s wooden is bunny’s)
  5. Letters, books, homework and other important documents (enough said)
  6. Yoga mat (the corner now says: “Daisy was here” 😛 )
  7. Litter box (you will not find a single spot on its edges that hasn’t been “marked” by me)
  8. Food dish (same as litter box. Also I love to pick it up and throw it in the air)
  9. Stuffed toy animals (not always but gotta show those peeps who’s the boss once in a while)
  10. Jeans (there is something about that material that says: “I’m tough, bite me” so I take the challenge)

Don’t worry, my friends, these are all bunny-safe chewing materials, though my parents are the ones who suffer from my chew marks on their stuff =P Whoopsie Daisy, I say. A bunny is a bunny, right? What do you guys like to chew? 🙂

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Chew-mania :)

I’m a bunny that just loves to chew. To me, everything is chewable. At least it was, until I learned that some things like people’s fingers are not for chewing. Sometimes I chew because I am hungry, sometimes I chew because it is fun, and sometimes I chew to learn. Here is a video of me chewing for fun:

* munch munch *

Oh hi there! I thought you were still watching the video, so I decided to chew while I waited. Did you like the video? I sure liked chomping that box into little pieces 😀

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Philosophying Time

So the other day mommy let me out to play and explore. I found something really intriguing. Here I was sniffing around, looking for something exciting and chewable when I came across an object I’ve never seen (or smelled) before!

It was a Philosophy textbook from mommy’s studies. I chewed the top corner off right away. I had to! Anybunny who comes across such powerful book of knowledge and enlightenment must, absolutely MUST, bite into it and leave their mark to be a part of something really great. And so I did and I’m proud of it! 🙂

P.S. Not to worry, mom taped the missing corner back into its place. Oopsie 😛

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Meeting the Litter Box

Hi guys, here I found yet another flower from the bottom of mommy’s slippers –> This is my second finding. Mama, keep them coming! =)

*pulls some straws of hay with her mouth, starts chewing loudly on it*

My parents bought me some goodies from the pet store today! Oh, sweet carrots gracious! =) They bought a litter pan corner for my cage, as well as some litter. Apparently it’s better for smell-wise purposes and easier to clean up. I kinda like it so far 🙂 But you know something is not quite yours until you mark it, right? So, being the bunny that I am, I chewed on its corners. EVERYWHERE. You can definitely see my teeth marks on that thing. I feel good about it. My parents? Not so much, but they’re happy that I use it for all my appropriate bunny needs 🙂

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Hoppy New Year!

It’s 2010! New Year– New set of carrots and apples I say!

*chews on some carrots for a while*

I guess I should make some New Year’s resolutions to be a part of the cool crew of peeps that do that. What do you think?

Well, after some long and hard thinking (and snacking that is needed for the thinking process) here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

-> to chew more edible stuff and less of furniture, clothing and foreign objects

-> to pose cute for photos and hold still so mommy can actually take a non-blurry photo

-> to explore more of the living room space, kitchen and even hallways!

I sure hope that everyone has a great year ahead of them!

*flops on her side with satisfaction of good set of resolutions*

With love from Daisy

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