weekend happiness

Happy Friday, my wonderful friends 🙂

It’s the weekend, and I’m always so excited about that. I get to spend more time with my dad (he works Monday – Friday) and that’s always a good thing. I love my dad very much, even though sometimes I grunt at him when he stops petting me. Hehee. It’s my way of telling him that I need more noggin pets and ear rubs. Yesh.

Sometimes I even act like his personal trainer. When he’s doing push-ups I like to go underneath (and get squished a bit). That way he can’t give up and collapse because I’m underneath him. You’re welcome, dad 😀

And do I ever beg for food! Dad isn’t as nice as mom is though. She caves in to my cuteness and gives me her yummy treats (as long as they are bunny-friendly). Dad is more firm, saying that I get enough and, wait for it, I don’t need that many! How dare he! *thumps*  But I know he cares about my health and longevity, so I forgive him 🙂

So yes, having my dad home with me is why I’m excited for the weekends. Father’s Day is coming up next weekend, so it will be even more special. I’ll be sure to do something nice for him. Maybe I won’t pull his leg hair out for that day, or grunt at him. We’ll see!

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Dinner Time!

Hi there!

Who loves to eat? I do! I’m sure lots of you love to eat too. Does anyone out there like to eat with others? Even though I’m munching on something yummy throughout the day, when I notice my mom or dad having a meal, I join right in!

Well, I’m not eating human food, but I start eating my carrots, greens or other scrumptious stuff. So it’s a family meal that way, all of us munching and munching. Here are some of the examples of my foods 🙂

*nom nom nommm*

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Happy Easter!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! =) (for bunnies at least)

It’s my very First Easter, peeps, and I am beyond excited! I already know how great it is, my parents told me all about it. They decorated the house with toys of bunnies, chicks and sheep. Of course, I get to be the Easter Bunny, no question about it. It was so fun 🙂 Mommy took so many photos of me in Easter-themed settings that I got a little tired at the end. My parents and I even played the game called “Real vs. Not Real Bunny Rabbit”. They tried to see if I would recognize fake bunny ears from real ones. They put bunny ears on the Pooh Bear and other bear–I sniffed and my bunny expertise proved to be correct every time! =) The bears had fake bunny ears attached, but some of the bunny toys had their own real ears. Mom and dad even put fuzzy bunny ears on me, I didn’t look too impressed.. They’re silly! 😀

Mom also coloured the eggs and put fun Easter sleeves on them. They looked good, I wanted to bite some, but mom didn’t let me. Photos were taken though 🙂

*Flops on her side after a big yawn*

Sleepy time now, guys. It’s a very tiring job to be the Easter Bunny, hiding all those eggs all over the house. I hope my parents find them, or else they’ll spoil.

*Falls asleep, dreaming of carrot-looking Easter eggs*

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Artistic Bunny

Hi there!

I found another flower from mom’s slippers 😀 it’s #4 now and I’m happy about it. Slipper flower power love for all!

*hops in happy binkies around the house*

As many of you guys know, I love to draw and paint. But I don’t think that I ever mentioned where I get my artistic skills from. It’s from my mom 🙂 She’s an artist and loves to draw and paint occasionally. Dad says that we should open a gallery for mom’s work but mommy is shy. She says “Maybe one day” (Personally, I can bet on carrots that it will happen) Anyways, she painted my portrait for one of her projects. Take a look, peeps. I think it looks like me, what do you think?

I like it =) Thanks, mom!

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Mommy’s Birthday =)

Today was a very special day. It was my mom’s 24th birthday =) I love my mama bunny, she’s the best! She takes such a good care of me, plays with me, pets me and feeds me the best bunny foods possible. I feel so loved, and I sure hope she does too!

In the morning dad decorated the place with balloons and streamers and when mommy saw it she liked it very much 🙂 When she opened her gifts from dad, she was so happy. One of the gifts was a brand new digital camera! She immediately put it to use (guess who was the subject of her photography testing =) and loved it very much. Good work, dad! Good thing you consulted me on that, though you always seem to get mommy the gifts she loves anyway.

*scratches her left ear with a paw*

Where was I? Oh, yesh, then daddy took her out for brunch at this Milestones restaurant overlooking the beach. They had a great time. And in the evening some of mom’s closest friends came over for a cake and chocolate fondue 🙂 Very Important Note: Birthday cake was a very smart choice that mommy and daddy made because it was a Carrot Cake The ladies giggled and laughed all night long and didn’t notice how time flew by ever so quickly. At the end of the night, all of the guests wanted to play with me, I felt like I was the star of the evening for a bit. I don’t think mommy minded.

I’m glad everyone had a good time, especially mommy. I love her so much–> I would give her all of my carrots & parsley stash

***H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y,  M O M M Y!***

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