Artistic Bunny

Hi there!

I found another flower from mom’s slippers 😀 it’s #4 now and I’m happy about it. Slipper flower power love for all!

*hops in happy binkies around the house*

As many of you guys know, I love to draw and paint. But I don’t think that I ever mentioned where I get my artistic skills from. It’s from my mom 🙂 She’s an artist and loves to draw and paint occasionally. Dad says that we should open a gallery for mom’s work but mommy is shy. She says “Maybe one day” (Personally, I can bet on carrots that it will happen) Anyways, she painted my portrait for one of her projects. Take a look, peeps. I think it looks like me, what do you think?

I like it =) Thanks, mom!

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A drawing of… me!

Hello my fellow bunny friends =)

My mom is always saying how cute I am. Sometimes she calls me an adorable ball of fluff, and other times she says I am a lovely young lady. I know I have cute brown and white fur, and I love to eat carrot green tops , so I decided to draw what I think I look like.

A self-portrait drawing

Drawing is very fun and I am happy to share my art with all of you 🙂 Chewing is also fun but I don’t know how to share that 😀 Don’t forget about my gallery where I post all my drawings!

*hops around happily wiggling her tail*

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Another day, another chew, another drawing

Hello fellow fans of chewing! I have been drawing again 🙂 This time, the theme is my parents <3

A drawing of hearts with Mommy + Daddy in the middle :)

My mommy and daddy are very much in love. Sometimes when I take a break from exploring, eating or chewing, I look up and they dancing together. I love spending time with each of them, but when they are together – well, my drawing explains what that is like.

I heard them both say they think their love is magical. I wonder if it is magic like how I never run out of water or food? There is always more to drink and eat! Yum, yum 😀

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My second drawing

Hi guys!

I love to hop, play, and go on mini-adventures, but I also love to.. eat! So I decided to draw some of my favourite foods for my newest piece of art 🙂 Here it is:

A drawing of my favourite foods, carrots and apples.

Mmm, don’t they look yummy? They’re my absolute favourite! Carrots and apples, crunchy and delicious 😀

Carrots are tasty, and have green tops that I love to munch on =) I can do a magic trick with apples, put some pieces of them in front of me, and I can make them disappear 😀 Just like that –> Apple Magic!

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My first drawing!

Hello bunny world!

I have something to share with all of you… my very first drawing! I recently started to draw and really like it so far! Check it out:

A drawing of my family

Oh sweet carrots, I am SO excited 😀 I like this drawing thing, and can’t wait to do more! Every time I draw it will be added to the collection in my “Daisy’s Drawings” page.

What do you think of it? Did you know you can leave comments on my diary entries? Yes, you can, and I will gladly read them! 🙂

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