BatBunny is here.

Hi, there!
How are you all doing? How was everybunny’s Halloween?
My parents and I dressed up for our 2nd annual family Halloween costume party. We pick a theme and match our costumes. This year we were inspired by the amazing motion picture “Dark Knight Rises” and this is what we’ve got:
Warning: Hold on to your trousers because this fierce cuteness might just blow you away 🙂



And the family photo:

What do you think? Would we make a good cast for “Dark Knight Rises”? 🙂

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Things I’m Grateful for ♥

Hello, friends star

I’ve been thinking lately how lucky I am. I have loving parents, lots of fun and caring friends all over the world, my own Diary blog, my very own app “Dress the Bunny“, my YouTube channel, my Facebook Fan Page and even my own Twitter account. I get lots of fresh veggies and fruits, I get to dig and play with my toys regularly and I get plenty of snuggles and kisses daily 🙂
So here is a little list of Gratitude that I made.

*clears throat and reads aloud*

1. carrots ♥
2. hugs from mommy ♥
3. soft CareFRESH bedding ♥
4. digging ♥
6. thoughtful friends ♥
7. my toys ♥
8. postcards & letters from friends ♥
9. hay ♥
10. litter box ♥

11. fresh basil & mint leaves ♥
12. the sofa ♥
13. fresh water ♥
14. new blanket from my friend Jumper ♥
15. cute outfits mommy makes for me ♥
16. tossing toys in the air ♥
17. snuggles from daddy ♥
18. clean cage ♥
19. dried homemade treats from grandma ♥
20. LOVE ♥

And these are just 20 things I’m thankful for.. There are many more, of course 🙂

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Dinner Time!

Hi there!

Who loves to eat? I do! I’m sure lots of you love to eat too. Does anyone out there like to eat with others? Even though I’m munching on something yummy throughout the day, when I notice my mom or dad having a meal, I join right in!

Well, I’m not eating human food, but I start eating my carrots, greens or other scrumptious stuff. So it’s a family meal that way, all of us munching and munching. Here are some of the examples of my foods 🙂

*nom nom nommm*

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Flowers and bananas :)

Good afternoon, peeps 🙂

<— This is a flower from the bottom of mommy’s slipper. I found it on the floor and decided to put it in my Diary. I’m going to try and collect as many of them as I can. I’ll keep you up-to-date on my collection!

Mommy says that I can be a very active bunny. I guess she’s right. Sometimes I like to run around my cage to get rid of the excess energy 😀 Then I get tired and flop on my side to rest so I can run around some more.

*starts hopping from corner to corner*

By the way, it’s been about two weeks since I joined this family. I feel like I am part of it now. It’s so nice to be a part of something so special and so unique. It makes my bunny paw thump from happiness =)

*thumps her right foot vigorously*

I’m a very happy bunny =)

Oh, oh, I made a new discovery today. I really like bananas. They have a funny name, don’t they? ba-na-nas =) tee hee 😛

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