amazing friend

I have been blessed with many friends.
I consider myself a very lucky bunny. I have over 4,200 friends on Facebook, nearly 2,300 fans on my Facebook page, soon-to-be 1,100 Twitter followers and thousands of blog readers (thank you very much). Yet somehow, I’ve been blessed with some friends that go that extra mile and do such sweet things for me that I feel like life is too good to be true.
I have one amazing friend. Her name is Trish and her bunny’s name is Angel. *waves paw to Angel*  My mom met Trish on Twitter and once they learned how much they have in common, especially their love for bunnies, they instantly formed a friendship. She became my friend too 🙂 Recently mom and I sent them a happy snailmail card to brighten up their days, and what do they send in return? This HUGE package full of goodies, both for me and my crafty mom! Take a look:

We received ‘Ballroom Bunnies’ 2013 Calendar full of cute photos of dancing buns, bunny-shaped cookie cutter, wooden toy for my toofers, TREATS (oh-so-yummy), cute pink teddy bear, Pisces card (Trish and my mom are both into Astrology and both are Pisces), and Tigger stickers and paper (which I chewed. just a bit) for mom to create with. How wonderful is all that? I am truly lucky to have her and Angel as a friend ♥


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Mr. Pig

Hi guys star

How are you all doing? =) I’ve missed you guys.

Have I told you about my friend Mr. Pig? He is a stuffed piggy toy with a tummy made from a special material– to wipe TV & computer screens.  Mom says he’s too special to be used as a “wiping cloth” and so she gave him to me to be my friend. Sometimes he sits on top of my cage home, like a watch dog… er, I mean watch piggy 🙂 Lately he found a comfy spot in one of mom’s wall pockets for her art & stationery supplies. He’s funny that way. I also let him wear my “I ♥ carrots” t-shirt when I’m not wearing it. It looks good on him. Check it out for yourselves, guys!

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Little People

Hello there! star

How is everybunny doing today? Have you guys ever wondered where you came from? I never thought about how and where I came from until my mom told me a story about her very close friend, named Jena. Mommy told me that before little people arrive on this beautiful planet, they spend some time in their mommy’s tummy. They grow in there until they are ready to come out and meet the world. Well, auntie Jena is carrying a little person in her tummy right now! This little bundle of joy will arrive in the beginning of July 🙂 How exciting is that? At first I thought it will be a bunny too, just like me, but mommy told me I was silly and cute, and that only human babies come from human people. Oh, well, I’m just as excited to meet auntie Jena’s little peep as I would be to meet a baby bunny. Come to think of it, even more excited 😀 You know why? Because if auntie Jena is so smart, pretty (like a flower–>I’ve seen photos) and funny then her baby can only be that and better! heartI have yet to meet auntie Jena. Unfortunately, she lives far away in a city called Toronto, but mommy told me lots of fun stories about their friendship and adventures. Mom really likes Jena and values her as one of her closest friends. And you know, guys, true friends are hard to find! 

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My New Friends!

Hi there!

I am the luckiest bunny there is. You know why, guys? Because I have so many friends!

Mommy and Daddy signed me up for a Facebook account, as well as a Fan Page. At first I asked a few people to be my friend and they accepted. Now people are adding me! How cool is that? 😀

*happily hops around the cage*

And what’s even cooler is that some of them really want to get to know me. They talk to me, comment on my photos, and keep up with my blog =) Some of my closest friends are Janice (from Maryland, U.S.A.), Savannah (from Alberta, Canada), Jessica (from Florida, U.S.A.), Sahar (from Iran), bunny Zeus (from United Kingdom) and bunny Ristomatti (from Finland). They are so nice and sweet, and I feel so loved. Of course I can’t mention everyone at once, there are many more of the sweet and caring peeps out there, but that’s for another blog entry!

I’m so thankful for my international friends 🙂

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Happy People

Happy Monday, guys and gals!

Today is very sunny and exciting day 😀 I get to meet auntie Michelle. Mommy says she’s the best, must be like carrots are the best among other veggies. Mom says that her personality, charisma and intelligence just light up the room when she walks in. Kinda like sunshine! I like sunshine =)

Well, after meeting auntie Michelle, all I can say is WOW 😀 She totally rocked my socks off! Ok, actually I don’t have socks, but that’s the phrase to say, right? =) She danced with me to some funny music, it was much fun. I can see why mommy thinks she’s so special. She really is.

Good night, peeps

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