February Fun

Hello, friends 🙂
How are you all doing? I’m doing good, just taking the time to reflect how my February has been. Here’s what I remember.
On February 4th I played with a Photobooth app on mom’s iPhone. Don’t I look great as a little chef? On the 13th mom said “Daisy, look at the mess you did! And I just looked at her and replied “What mess? I don’t see anything'” 🙂 On February 17th I said “The Weekend is here, put on your Party gear”, and on the 27th I tried to learn German by biting into the knowledge, or rather the dictionary. Not sure if I retained any language but the book tasted great!

February is the shortest month of the year and it sure went by super fast. Whoosh.. there it goes.
How was your February?

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Top 10 Things to Chew

Hi guys!

Holy sweet peas, have I missed you! I really enjoy writing here in my Diary Blog and sharing my daily adventures with friends. Thank you for being here and for reading my entries!

I have thought of the Top 10 Things that I love to chew. Mommy says that it would be better if I chewed on more edible things like veggies and occasional fruits, as well as some hay. And I do, I chew those yummy goods very often. I just like chewing on other things that are a little more fun 🙂 Here is my Top 10:

  1. Blanket (I can play with that for hours–simply digging it and chewing it!)
  2. Cage bars (what bunny doesn’t?)
  3. Shoes (I have a thing for shoes and shoe smells. There will be a separate post coming up about them)
  4. Kitchen table (coffee table too. Hey, the rule is–what’s wooden is bunny’s)
  5. Letters, books, homework and other important documents (enough said)
  6. Yoga mat (the corner now says: “Daisy was here” 😛 )
  7. Litter box (you will not find a single spot on its edges that hasn’t been “marked” by me)
  8. Food dish (same as litter box. Also I love to pick it up and throw it in the air)
  9. Stuffed toy animals (not always but gotta show those peeps who’s the boss once in a while)
  10. Jeans (there is something about that material that says: “I’m tough, bite me” so I take the challenge)

Don’t worry, my friends, these are all bunny-safe chewing materials, though my parents are the ones who suffer from my chew marks on their stuff =P Whoopsie Daisy, I say. A bunny is a bunny, right? What do you guys like to chew? 🙂

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Chew-mania :)

I’m a bunny that just loves to chew. To me, everything is chewable. At least it was, until I learned that some things like people’s fingers are not for chewing. Sometimes I chew because I am hungry, sometimes I chew because it is fun, and sometimes I chew to learn. Here is a video of me chewing for fun:

* munch munch *

Oh hi there! I thought you were still watching the video, so I decided to chew while I waited. Did you like the video? I sure liked chomping that box into little pieces 😀

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Oh how I love to blog

*stretching her back legs*

Oh hi there,

I’m sure you all know how I love to chew, hop, sniff, and do many other wonderful things. Did you know that I also love to… blog? It is quite fun and I’ve made so many friends because of it! People are my friends on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and even watch my YouTube videos 🙂

Check out me blogging away:

So much fun! paw

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