amazing friend

I have been blessed with many friends.
I consider myself a very lucky bunny. I have over 4,200 friends on Facebook, nearly 2,300 fans on my Facebook page, soon-to-be 1,100 Twitter followers and thousands of blog readers (thank you very much). Yet somehow, I’ve been blessed with some friends that go that extra mile and do such sweet things for me that I feel like life is too good to be true.
I have one amazing friend. Her name is Trish and her bunny’s name is Angel. *waves paw to Angel*  My mom met Trish on Twitter and once they learned how much they have in common, especially their love for bunnies, they instantly formed a friendship. She became my friend too 🙂 Recently mom and I sent them a happy snailmail card to brighten up their days, and what do they send in return? This HUGE package full of goodies, both for me and my crafty mom! Take a look:

We received ‘Ballroom Bunnies’ 2013 Calendar full of cute photos of dancing buns, bunny-shaped cookie cutter, wooden toy for my toofers, TREATS (oh-so-yummy), cute pink teddy bear, Pisces card (Trish and my mom are both into Astrology and both are Pisces), and Tigger stickers and paper (which I chewed. just a bit) for mom to create with. How wonderful is all that? I am truly lucky to have her and Angel as a friend ♥


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Things I’m Grateful for ♥

Hello, friends star

I’ve been thinking lately how lucky I am. I have loving parents, lots of fun and caring friends all over the world, my own Diary blog, my very own app “Dress the Bunny“, my YouTube channel, my Facebook Fan Page and even my own Twitter account. I get lots of fresh veggies and fruits, I get to dig and play with my toys regularly and I get plenty of snuggles and kisses daily 🙂
So here is a little list of Gratitude that I made.

*clears throat and reads aloud*

1. carrots ♥
2. hugs from mommy ♥
3. soft CareFRESH bedding ♥
4. digging ♥
6. thoughtful friends ♥
7. my toys ♥
8. postcards & letters from friends ♥
9. hay ♥
10. litter box ♥

11. fresh basil & mint leaves ♥
12. the sofa ♥
13. fresh water ♥
14. new blanket from my friend Jumper ♥
15. cute outfits mommy makes for me ♥
16. tossing toys in the air ♥
17. snuggles from daddy ♥
18. clean cage ♥
19. dried homemade treats from grandma ♥
20. LOVE ♥

And these are just 20 things I’m thankful for.. There are many more, of course 🙂

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Daisy wins 1st place again!

*sleeps with her eyes closed, smiling in her dreams*

Zzzzzz Zzzz

*wakes up suddenly*

BOO DAT?!?!?

Oh, hello there. I didn’t notice you here, guys! I was having the nicest dream about winning a 1st place in a photo contest 🙂 And you know what made my dream even sweeter? The fact that I DID win 1st place (again) in a Black & White photo contest in Pet Parade group =) Look!

I’m sooo happy I won. I feel so pretty and loved, it makes my little bunny heart glow with joy 🙂

*binkies twice ever-so-excitedly*

Thank you everyone for your incredible support! I’m very grateful.

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