Fluffy stuff in the sky


Have you ever looked up, and wondered what all that fluffy stuff in the sky is? Sometimes it’s white and poofy, other times gray and squishy, and I’ve even seen golden and pink puffs. Could you imagine hopping around on those? They must be so soft! I wonder how I could get way up there to play on them?

* hops around with excitement *

Ok, peeps, I just asked my mom what they are. Apparently, they are called: “clouds”. When there are lots of these “clouds” in the sky, that means it is “cloudy”. Sounds kind of funny to me =)  She also said that rain comes from them! That’s so cool! I wonder if there are bunnies hopping on top of them, making rain come out as they bounce around? That would be fun 😀 What do you guys think?

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Chew-mania :)

I’m a bunny that just loves to chew. To me, everything is chewable. At least it was, until I learned that some things like people’s fingers are not for chewing. Sometimes I chew because I am hungry, sometimes I chew because it is fun, and sometimes I chew to learn. Here is a video of me chewing for fun:

* munch munch *

Oh hi there! I thought you were still watching the video, so I decided to chew while I waited. Did you like the video? I sure liked chomping that box into little pieces 😀

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Philosophying Time

So the other day mommy let me out to play and explore. I found something really intriguing. Here I was sniffing around, looking for something exciting and chewable when I came across an object I’ve never seen (or smelled) before!

It was a Philosophy textbook from mommy’s studies. I chewed the top corner off right away. I had to! Anybunny who comes across such powerful book of knowledge and enlightenment must, absolutely MUST, bite into it and leave their mark to be a part of something really great. And so I did and I’m proud of it! 🙂

P.S. Not to worry, mom taped the missing corner back into its place. Oopsie 😛

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