Mischief, Memories and other Mushy business :)

Alo, sweet friends!
How have you all been? I’ve been good and naughty too! πŸ™‚

Today I hid in my little cardboard spaceship and mom couldn’t find me. She looked everywhere but I was nowhere to be found. She was confused and worried and then finally she saw my little nose peeking out of my hiding spot. She hugged me and told me I can’t worry her like that anymore. We’ll see about that. Gotta keep those humans on their toes!

*giggles, covering her face with paws*

In other news, mom recently made two scrapbook pages about me. She’s making a whole album and these two pages are part of it.

What do you think? My mama does these kind of pages for a living. Lots of people tend to order scrapbooks of their wedding memories or baby photos, but there are some pet ones too. I think there should be more “Pet Scrapbook” orders because we, pets, play a very important role in our humans’ lives. πŸ™‚
If you’re interested in a scrapbook or even one page (that you can frame & display) you can visit mom’s Scrapbooking Business and mention Bunny Diary to get 15% discount. πŸ™‚

That’s all for now. Be sure to visit soon for some more cuteness!

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Dinner Time!

Hi there!

Who loves to eat? I do! I’m sure lots of you love to eat too. Does anyone out there like to eat with others? Even though I’m munching on something yummy throughout the day, when I notice my mom or dad having a meal, I join right in!

Well, I’m not eating human food, but I start eating my carrots, greens or other scrumptious stuff. So it’s a family meal that way, all of us munching and munching. Here are some of the examples of my foods πŸ™‚

*nom nom nommm*

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Beating the heat, and a Dress The Bunny update

*waves paw slightly*

Woah peeps, it’s hot out. Summer is really here! I’m just flopping around all day, because it is sooo hot.

My mommy gave me a cold wet towel for me to lay on to cool down, but I couldn’t help playing with it by throwing it around my house. She wants me to lay on top of it, but I think that is pretty silly πŸ™‚

Oh yes! I just remembered, a free version of my app, Dress The Bunny has been sent to these Apple peeps for something called ‘approval’. I think that means that soon it will be on this ‘App Store’ thing… and it is going to be free! I’m not sure what all that stuff means, I’ve never chewed an ‘app’ before, only an APPle, if it’s anything like apples, then it’s gooooood =)

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Mr. Pig

Hi guys star

How are you all doing? =) I’ve missed you guys.

Have I told you about my friend Mr. Pig? He is a stuffed piggy toy with a tummy made from a special material– to wipe TV & computer screens.Β  Mom says he’s too special to be used as a “wiping cloth” and so she gave him to me to be my friend. Sometimes he sits on top of my cage home, like a watch dog… er, I mean watch piggy πŸ™‚ Lately he found a comfy spot in one of mom’s wall pockets for her art & stationery supplies. He’s funny that way. I also let him wear my “I β™₯ carrots” t-shirt when I’m not wearing it. It looks good on him. Check it out for yourselves, guys!

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Our Cat Friends

Hi there,

I think that we all know that we, bunnies, are very cuddly and loving creatures, who will give unconditional love to their owners. Did you know that cats are also very loving and snugly? In fact, there are more people who have cats as pets than there are those who have bunnies. Why is that?

*thumps her paw and grunts slightly*

It’s ok, I was just playing. Bunnies are not jealous–we love other pets. I even tried to analyze the similarities and differences between bunnies and cats. Here are a couple of each:

Similarities: *Both cats and bunnies have cute whiskers *We both clean ourselves by licking our fur

Differences: *Cats meow and bunnies don’t usually make any noises (though mommy tells me that sometimes I make “grunting noises like a piggy” I guess that makes me similar with our pigger friends πŸ™‚ ) *Cats like to eat something called “Tuna” and other cute-named things, while bunnies like to eat veggies *Cats like to drink milk and bunnies like water.

*hops over to the water bottle and drinks from it for a while*

Whoa, that’s a lot of water, I didn’t know I was that thirsty πŸ˜€ Bunnies love cats. Sometimes we even try to be like them too. For example I try to jump on and off the couch ever so quietly & gracefully– mom jokes thatΒ  I must be 1/2 kitten.Β  Here are some more examples of bunnies imitating cats. Enjoy!

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