Happy People

Happy Monday, guys and gals!

Today is very sunny and exciting day 😀 I get to meet auntie Michelle. Mommy says she’s the best, must be like carrots are the best among other veggies. Mom says that her personality, charisma and intelligence just light up the room when she walks in. Kinda like sunshine! I like sunshine =)

Well, after meeting auntie Michelle, all I can say is WOW 😀 She totally rocked my socks off! Ok, actually I don’t have socks, but that’s the phrase to say, right? =) She danced with me to some funny music, it was much fun. I can see why mommy thinks she’s so special. She really is.

Good night, peeps

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New Home

I’m still getting used to things around here. Today was a very sunny day.

Mommy’s friend Christine came over to visit and to meet me. She gave me so much attention, i loved it =) She had such nice hands and held and pet me for a while. I guess her hand was so nice that I thought it was food for a second there and accidentally bit it. Oopsie Daisy 🙁 Sorry, auntie Christine, I didn’t mean that.


Side Note:

I learned that I really like fresh cucumbers and apples today. Mommy gave me some and they were very yummy and crunchy. Mmm mm mm 🙂

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