Jumping Jelly Bean

Hey guys 🙂 ,

As some of you may already know–I love to hop!

Sometimes I hop in binkies (that’s when I’m happy), sometimes I zoom around the house (that’s when I have lots of energy) and sometimes I like to hop in loops around my parents’ feet (that means I love them). They call me Jumping Jelly Bean. Weee 😀

*starts zooming around the house with occasional binkies*

Have you seen my video on YouTube of me hopping on the couch, then pushing pillows around and posing for the camera? Pushing pillows around with your nose is great fun, you should try it! 😀 I’ll demonstrate for you below. Enjoy!

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Chew-mania :)

I’m a bunny that just loves to chew. To me, everything is chewable. At least it was, until I learned that some things like people’s fingers are not for chewing. Sometimes I chew because I am hungry, sometimes I chew because it is fun, and sometimes I chew to learn. Here is a video of me chewing for fun:

* munch munch *

Oh hi there! I thought you were still watching the video, so I decided to chew while I waited. Did you like the video? I sure liked chomping that box into little pieces 😀

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Racing for joy :)

Hi peeps,

When I’m not chewing or sniffing around, I am probably racing around the room. It is SO much fun to hop and zoom! Sometimes I go so fast, I think I am probably just a fuzzy blur. Somehow, one of my sprints was recorded on video, and here it is, in slow motion!

Doesn’t it look like fun? I just LOVE to hop and hop and hop. It is one of the best ways to explore the world. Do you like to hop and run when you are happy too? 😀 C3JUAXMGUPMC

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Hopping on the couch

Soon after I was brought to my new home, months ago, I discovered something called a “Couch”. It is quite comfy and gives me a nice view of the room 🙂 At first my mom or dad had to pick me up and put me on it… but bunnies have to learn how to jump! We’re made for hopping around 😀

So I figured out how to jump up myself! Check it out:

Pretty good, right? I’m getting better at it every day. I can jump up from different sides too! Look for more videos in the near future 😀 Now to master jumping down from the couch…

*wiggles her tail in excitement*

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Oh how I love to blog

*stretching her back legs*

Oh hi there,

I’m sure you all know how I love to chew, hop, sniff, and do many other wonderful things. Did you know that I also love to… blog? It is quite fun and I’ve made so many friends because of it! People are my friends on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and even watch my YouTube videos 🙂

Check out me blogging away:

So much fun! paw

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