Daisy wins 1st place again!

*sleeps with her eyes closed, smiling in her dreams*

Zzzzzz Zzzz

*wakes up suddenly*

BOO DAT?!?!?

Oh, hello there. I didn’t notice you here, guys! I was having the nicest dream about winning a 1st place in a photo contest 🙂 And you know what made my dream even sweeter? The fact that I DID win 1st place (again) in a Black & White photo contest in Pet Parade group =) Look!

I’m sooo happy I won. I feel so pretty and loved, it makes my little bunny heart glow with joy 🙂

*binkies twice ever-so-excitedly*

Thank you everyone for your incredible support! I’m very grateful.

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And the winner is… Daisy!

Hello, sweet friends of mine!

*waves paw in excitement*

I know Christmas has passed, but I just wanted to share my jolly excitement with you all. I was a First Place winner in the Pet Parade Photo Contest, themed Christmas time. Yes, yes, FIRST place!:)

*binkies happily kicking her back legs*

Mom made me this Santa Bunny outfit from felt material and set up a Christmas scene behind me for a photoshoot 🙂 When we heard about the contest, she submitted my photo and BAM! sweet carrots– I won!

This is my certificate of the win =) Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. It really means a lot for a small bunny like me.

And here are a few more Santa Bunny photos. I hope you enjoy them, peeps 🙂

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